Painting Your Tucson Home – More Cost Saving Tips

Staging is costly, do it once

Homeowners will sometimes ask us to paint a room or part of the house. Then they have us back a month or so later to paint some more and so on until the house is painted. Some of the cost of painting your Tucson home is staging. So of course the most cost effective way to paint your home is to have it all painted at the same time. This will minimize the staging costs. We understand people are working with budgets and we are happy to work with whatever your budget allows. This is just a cost saving suggestion.

Volume Discount (Get the Neighbors involved)

What some homeowners do is negotiate to have both the interior and exterior of their Tucson home painted at the same time this is also a good way to get your painting contractor to negotiate a lower rate. I recently had some homeowners get together with their neighbors and negotiate to have 4 houses on their street painted at the same time. A volume discount if you will, this works great for all involved. I was able to run it like a bigger job and it cut down on staging costs and gas costs, and I was able to pass these savings on to the homeowners.

Do some of the Prep Work Yourself

When we bid to paint the interior of a Tucson home we include things such as moving furniture, removing pictures, blinds and decorations from walls and putting everything back. If you’re able you can take on these responsibilities and completely set things up so that the painters can focus on the painting. This can help you see a cost savings. I hope these suggestions you save on some of the cost of painting your Tucson home without sacrificing the quality of the paint job.

If you’re interested in seeing how you might be able to see some of these savings please contact us at 881-0542 for a free consultation.

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