Curb Appeal Shouldn’t be Taken Lightly

To Paint or Not To Paint

When it comes to buying or selling a home, the first impression is everything. Curb appeal shouldn’t be taken lightly. One the easiest and most effective ways to create a positive first impression is through paint. It is very important to have a home looking its best when a prospective buyer drives up to the home.

Painting the Exterior for Curb Appeal

Painting the exterior of a house, before it is put on the market, may give you the advantage that you need. When painting the exterior of a house, be sure the colors selected are in harmony with the colors in the neighborhood. The interior of a home is equally important when trying to make a good first impression. If the home has wallpaper; it is best to remove it, leaving it may give the buyer concerns about the work they have to do later to the home.

Adding Custom Color to the Interior

The same is true if the interior of the home is painted custom colors. You may love the blue bathroom, or the red wall in the dining room, but they may not. To most people, color is a personal way of expressing themselves. Often times, people think painting the walls white is the best alternative, giving the new homeowner a blank canvas to work with, that’s not always true. We recommend that you select warm or neutral colors that appeal to the majority of people. This will give a presentation of a warm comfortable feeling that would be best to project.

A freshly painted home can increase the value of the home; the new homeowners will not be concerned about having to paint their new home in the near future.

Putting a fresh coat of paint on a home before listing it can emphasize the homes best features, it can give you the best bang for your buck. It can also help you appeal to a wider range of buyers which leads to more people willing to submit offers for your home. In the end, it will help you with a higher selling price.

In conclusion, before you list your home, please contact Martinez Custom Painting at 520-881-0542 for a free quote. We can help you make a positive first impression and exceed expectations!

Springtime Painting in Tucson

pppbackground3e.jpgAs spring arrives many begin to think about home improvements.  Many homeowners perform these improvements themselves to save money.  If you are one of these homeowners, and you are planning on painting the exterior of your home this spring. I f you’ve never taken on a project this big and you would like to ensure that you do it right. Here are some tips I hope will help.
Giving your home a fresh new coat of paint can be a great time to enjoy the beautiful Tucson Spring weather while increasing your home’s curb appeal. It will also add a layer of protection for years to come. There are many things to consider before starting any painting job. Our first consideration is the type of surface you will be painting. Preparation is key to good quality paint job that will protect your Tucson home and last for years to come.  No matter the surface, we want to be sure it is clean, and free of dust.  So we can begin by pressure washing.

Different surfaces will need different preparation techniques and paint applications. If your surface has exposed wood, you may to caulk and spot prime it first. There is paint available which includes a primer, it may be less expensive to spot prime. If the stucco has cracks and needs repair, you want to use an elastomeric material with sand in it to match the texture of the stucco.  Be sure to blend it in well so you don’t have a bunch of lines all over the body of your home.

Next, consider the paint you’re going to use, make certain you use a premium quality acrylic paint.  The better quality acrylics have better color retention and slow down color fading.  This is very important in the Tucson sun, it would be very disappointing to go through all this effort and end up using an inferior product that begins to fade after only a few years, if not sooner.   Also, give some thought to paint sheen. A flat finish has a softer appearance which will help hide imperfections.  Paints with a sheen such as a semi-gloss or gloss finish dry harder and resist moisture and the harmful U.V. rays we contend with here. They can be easily cleaned and are used for high traffic areas such as doors, fascia and trim.

It’s very important when you choose the color to take your time, put some samples up notice how the color looks as the sun moves around the house.  This could save you from painting your home twice.

Next, consider how you will apply the paint. This is a major project, and using a brush and roller for the entire home can be very labor intensive. Although you can use the brush and roller for the trim areas, fascia, door casing etc., you may want to rent a paint sprayer.  If you do, you will have to protect all the areas that you do not want to be painted.  Please keep in mind the slightest wind can carry sprayed paint for several yards. Yes, that means your neighbor’s new car could have tiny paint spots on it the same color of your home if you’re not careful. Happy Painting!

In the end you may decide to hire a professional, for a free estimate call 520-881-0542 .

Time to Paint Your Tucson Home

Different Surfaces Different Paints

In my previous post, Correctly Prepping Your Tucson Home for Paint Does Affect the Price I shared with you the importance of have your Tucson home prepped correctly prior to paint. Okay, now that your home has been professionally prepped. We’re going to share the importance of understanding the next steps in having your Tucson home Professionally Painted.

Finally it’s Time to Paint!

Many Homeowners ask how we are going to apply the paint. This will vary depending on the application. After all the reason you’re painting the exterior of your Tucson home is to weather proof it. So, how the paint is applied is very important. Of course prior to painting your home we always cover or mask the areas that are not being painted to make sure they are protected.

Painting Stucco

If we are painting stucco we will employ a method called back rolling. This means we will spray the first coat heavier than usual and follow behind with a roller, this allows the nap of the roller to get the paint into all the angles of the stucco, we then follow behind again and spray a top coat. This method will ensure we get the required film thickness and that we are doing all we can to weather proof your home.

Painting Wood Surfaces

On the exterior of your home there can be various wood surfaces, first let’s discuss wood siding. We would employ the same basic technique on wood siding that we used on the stucco. We want build a heavy paint film to protect the wood from the beating it will take in the summer. Back rolling will help to do that.Since the eves of your home don’t get direct sunlight we can spray 2 even coats of paint to that surface and we have the protection we need.

Painting Wood Fascia in Tucson

Now let’s talk about the fascia (the wood that goes around your house along the roof line). The fascia takes such a beating with the Tucson summers and monsoons we definitely want to pay attention to how we apply the paint there. I believe 2 coats of paint at a minimum should be hand applied to the fascia. This allows the bristles of the brush or the nap of the roller to fill the texture of the wood with a heavy paint film helping to ensure the wood is protected from the elements.

This covers the different application methods that should be used for the different surface types on the exterior of your Tucson home. Next we will discuss paint and the importance of using the right paint for these applications.

Paint and Painting Procedures

Previously we discussed the correct way to have the exterior of your Tucson home prepped and the different application methods that should be employed on different surfaces. Now let’s talk paint.

How Many Coats of Paint do you need?

The number of coats of paint applied will affect the bottom line. Obviously 2 coats will last longer than 1. However it is important to remember if you want the Paint Manufacturer to stand behind their product you will need to have 2 coats applied. Since most people can’t tell how much paint has been applied with the naked eye, always ask your Pint Contractor how much surface is going to be painted and how much paint they are going to use and he came to that conclusion. This will ensure that your job is in line with the manufactures requirements and your warranty is valid.

What Kind of Paint Should I use?

There are various brands of paint; many Painting Contractors have their favorite as do I. The important thing to remember is that you want a premium quality acrylic paint. To have an acrylic paint is not enough, there many different quality acrylics. To my way of thinking, a good indication you’re getting a premium quality acrylic paint is if the manufacturer is willing to warrant the paint in writing for more than 2 years. The brand I primarily use and recommend has paints the warrant for 15 and 25 years. They also have 2 products with a lifetime warranty! This warranty is backed by one of the country’s largest Paint Manufactures. A solid nationwide company that passed the test of time!

There are many advantages of using a premium quality acrylic paint. Here are a few, acrylics dry harder this will help protect the surface from the elements. They are more resistant to the harmful U. V. rays that we deal with some much in Tucson. They have better color retention, all paints (Pigments) fade with time, the better quality acrylics slow down the fading process. All the things combined add to the lifespan of the paint job, giving the exterior of your home longer lasting protection.


When you’re ready to make your final decision I hope you keep these suggestions in mind. In today’s economic climate many Painters are simply selling a price not worrying about the consequences and taking advantage of the homeowners trust. They offer no more than a band aid, it really is a waste of money. The truth is, you get what you pay for no matter how it’s presented. So it you want a top quality paint job on the exterior of your Tucson home, one that offers value and protection. We’re your Tucson Painting Contractor, please give us a call. I look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!

Correctly Prepping Your Tucson Home for Paint Does Affect the Price

Exterior Prep Work

Exterior Prep Work
Prepping is very important

Steps to Prepping Your Tucson Home For Painting

When a house is being repainted, it’s not enough to simply slap some paint over the old paint. Time and weather can erode the paints surface. To ensure a long lasting new coat, the entire surface to be painted must be professionally cleaned and prepped. How much work a professional painter puts into the preparation phase will affect the price.

Power Washing

In addition to removing loose paint from a house, power washing is an efficient way to remove dust that may build up in the stucco texture of our Tucson homes. Done correctly, it thoroughly cleans the surface that is to be painted, allowing for a smoother, and more adhesive coat of new paint.

There Is More To Prep

Because the power washer doesn’t always get all the loose paint off a house, a Professional Painting Contractor will hand scrape or sand some areas to remove edges and bubbles of dried paint.


Using a premium quality acrylic primer will increase the life span of the top coat of paint, it helps hold the paint film on the surface as intended, paint applied to bare wood will soak into the wood leaving less paint on the surface, in addition it give the paint something to adhere to. The prime coat can raise the cost of painting your Tucson home, but since it will extend the life of the paint job, and because many Paint Manufactures require it to honor their warranties, it’s certainly worth the investment.


Many people think caulking is done for more cosmetic reasons than anything else. It’s true caulking cracks and joints does give the paint job a smooth and newer appearance. Caulking door frames and window with a premium quality caulk can help prevent moisture build up, and cool air loss during Tucson’s brutal summers.
Over the years I’ve had to repaint a home within a few years of being painted because the previous painter did not follow these steps, and the homeowner was paying more attention to the cost than the scope of work. I hope this helps you to appreciate the value of having your Tucson home prepped correctly prior to paint. Making sure your Tucson Painting Contractor follows these basic steps will ensure the paint adheres properly, thus maximizing the lifespan of your paint job. In my next post I will share the importance of understanding the technique used to apply the paint to your home and the importance of using the right paint.

Painting Your Tucson Home – More Cost Saving Tips

Staging is costly, do it once

Homeowners will sometimes ask us to paint a room or part of the house. Then they have us back a month or so later to paint some more and so on until the house is painted. Some of the cost of painting your Tucson home is staging. So of course the most cost effective way to paint your home is to have it all painted at the same time. This will minimize the staging costs. We understand people are working with budgets and we are happy to work with whatever your budget allows. This is just a cost saving suggestion.

Volume Discount (Get the Neighbors involved)

What some homeowners do is negotiate to have both the interior and exterior of their Tucson home painted at the same time this is also a good way to get your painting contractor to negotiate a lower rate. I recently had some homeowners get together with their neighbors and negotiate to have 4 houses on their street painted at the same time. A volume discount if you will, this works great for all involved. I was able to run it like a bigger job and it cut down on staging costs and gas costs, and I was able to pass these savings on to the homeowners.

Do some of the Prep Work Yourself

When we bid to paint the interior of a Tucson home we include things such as moving furniture, removing pictures, blinds and decorations from walls and putting everything back. If you’re able you can take on these responsibilities and completely set things up so that the painters can focus on the painting. This can help you see a cost savings. I hope these suggestions you save on some of the cost of painting your Tucson home without sacrificing the quality of the paint job.

If you’re interested in seeing how you might be able to see some of these savings please contact us at 881-0542 for a free consultation.

Tips to Minimize Tucson Painting Costs

Money Saving

Timing is important

Exterior Prep Work
Winter’s are Warm in Tucson

You can take advantage of lower contractor rates if you schedule painting the interior or exterior of your Tucson home during “off seasons”.

Most people think winter is great time to paint the interior of your home. People like to freshen up their houses up for the Holidays especially if they are expecting company. Some people use this as an Idea for a holiday gift.

Exterior Painting In Tucson in Winter

Because of this thinking exterior painting slows down in the winter months. Take advantage of this by having the exterior of your Tucson home painted in the off season the weather here is so mild that it seldom poses an obstacle. We use paint that performs in temperatures as low as 35 degrees!

Other times of the year a Tucson painting contractor would lower their rates or offer promotions are hotter time of the summer, usually August, and periods around major holidays. If you are able to be flexible and plan your projects in advance, you can often make a great deal, just ask. My next post will have other suggestions that have lowered painting costs for Tucson homeowners.

Compare Tucson Painting Bids

In my previous post I talked about the need to choose wisely when hiring a contractor to paint your Tucson home. When you compare the bids from various contract consider if they do the following;

These are the step we regularly take when we are painting an exterior and why we take these steps:

Prepping to Paint

We pressure wash the exterior body, by doing so this removes the dust and cleans the surface allowing the paint to adhere properly and prevent the paint from peeling and lifting.

As part of the process of protecting you Tucson home from the elements we caulk doors and windows.

We professionally mask your home prior to painting. We protect your landscaping and property i.e. patio furniture gates that aren’t getting painted. We cover patio floors to protect from over spray or spilled paint. We pull the gravel away from the home to paint below grade and rake the gravel back when we’re done.

If the scope of work calls for stucco repairs we use Elastek’s Duratex. I use this product because it is an Elastomeric versatile, ready-to-use stucco patch and repair product with the ability to bond strongly. Another thing I like about this product is they don’t use silica sand when they make their textured patching material. The stucco on your Tucson home in most cases is mixed with river sand not silica sand. This helps the texture to blend with the stucco better, and you don’t have all those lines on your house that you see when the wrong product or technique is used to fill stucco cracks. This product is also vapor permeable which means it breathes with the wall which is very important.

Before we apply to the paint coat we prime bare surfaces with a 100% acrylic primer. So the paint coats stay on top of the surface they are applied to instead of being absorbed by the bare surface. This is especially important with wood surfaces because they take sure a beating in this harsh Tucson climate.

When we are painting a stucco surface we use a process called back rolling. What this means is we spray a heavy coat of paint on and follow behind with a roller allowing the nap of the roller paint all the angles of the stucco. Remember the primary reason for painting is to weather proof your home. Back rolling achieves this objective. After this is done we spray the 2nd coat on. This process is very important because as I stated in my previous post we use products with manufacturer’s warranties. In order for the warranty to be honored you have achieve a certain film thickness of paint and this is the best way to do that.

Most paint applications do not require we add water to the paint. We are not chemists we assume the manufacturer know best how they want their product applied.

When we’re done we clean up the work site sweeping sidewalks and raking up where needed. Because when we pressured washed the windows probably got water stains on them we will even clean your windows!

There’s More to a Bid Than Price

I’m sure you can understand when I say the low bidder is often times the more expensive one. Because he won’t be able to afford to use the premium quality products or follow the steps I have outlined. The real true value is often found in the higher bid. My Dad told me a long time ago, “people will remember a lot longer whether or not you did a good job for them then what they paid for it”. Assuming of course it was reasonable. I’d rather be known for being a good painter.

I understand we all want value when making a purchase. I’m a consumer also. My next post will offer suggestions of things you can do save money when you have your Tucson home painted that won’t affect the quality of the job.

Painting Contract Bids – which one will you choose?

Which To Choose

Choose Wisely

“I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”

This saying holds true with so many things in life, and is even truer today! This is so true when it comes to painting your Tucson Home.

The main reason we paint our homes is to weather proof and protect our homes from the harsh Tucson weather. Premium quality paints will protect our homes from the elements; the decorative value is just a bonus. If you fall for the trick of buying cheap paint thinking you’re saving money, nothing could be further from the truth. You’re wasting your money, the cheap paint will not do what you bought it to do.

Think about this when hiring a Tucson Painting Contractor. Low bidders cut corners on surface preparation by either completely skipping steps in the preparation process or using inferior products. If your Tucson home is not prepared properly the paint will not weather well. Within a few years, the inferior paint job will become obvious, an experienced eye can detect an inferior paint job even sooner. Then you will have to hire another Painting Contractor, hopefully a reputable one this time, who will do the job right the first time. Then you will be pay the increased material and labor cost of the future.

Some additional food for thought when the low bidders paint job begins to breakdown and fail will he be around to honor the warranty. A low bidder may not even make enough profit in the job to afford to stay in business. If he is still in business he may not be able to afford it. Something else to think about, the registrar of Contractors only requires we guarantee our work for 2 years, that’s it 2 years. It’s very easy to get a paint job to last that long after the two years the low bidder is no responsible for his work.

These are some of the unforeseen issues that can arise when the low bidder is hired. Often times a closer look will reveal the real value and peace of mind will be found in the higher bidder. This is why when we paint an exterior we use a premium acrylic paint that has a 15 manufacturer warranty at a minimum. A warranty from a solid company, one of the nation’s largest paint manufacturer’s! This is real peace of mind and true value! In my next post I will outline the steps we take when we paint and why they add to the value and life of the job.

Tucson can now breath easier!


Do you enjoy decorating with paint but the fumes bother you?   Painting Tucson homes can now be less stressful to your health and to the environment! Read on to find out about greener safer alternatives….

You’re most likely aware, if you live in a city, the air inside your home can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor pollution. Although there is not one single source for the contamination, the paint you chose can contribute significantly to the problem.

Many conventionally produced paints contain solvents, toxic metals and volatile organic compounds or VOC’s that contribute to smog, ozone depletion and poor indoor air quality.

You can smell these unhealthy fumes in a freshly painted room, but what you can’t smell are the off-gases from all painted surfaces that can be released into the air your breathing for years! Young children, elderly, those with respiratory problems or chemically sensitive people are susceptible to these gases.

The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice indoor air quality and health! Today’s “green”  paint alternatives offer the same convenience, aesthetics and durability of the unhealthy conventional paints!

Martinez Custom Painting is Tucson’s  “green” painting choice.  For more information or a free quote please call us at 520-8810542.