Tucson Green Painting

Thinking about going “Green” when it comes to painting?

Recently I decided to change my diet and began eating mostly organic food, so I went shopping! What I found was very encouraging and exciting! I’m not limited on what I can have, I found finding Organic food was very easy. It has become more common than it was a few years ago.

Tucson has beautiful clean stores full of this delicious healthy food! This opened up a whole new world for me! Not only do I feel much better physically. I’m proud to be doing my part for the planet and the environment! This trend to live an Organic or “Green” lifestyle is on the rise. We have everything from Hybrid cars, solar energy, “Green” household cleaning products and beauty cosmetics. And, yes we have “Green” paint! This is what I want to discuss in this and my next few posts.

Time to Re-think “Green” Paint?

As I began to learn and appreciate all the benefits of eating Organic foods, naturally I started to think about “Green Paints”. When the industry first introduced “Green” Paints they were very expensive and really didn’t perform well, so I wasn’t very impressed and didn’t feel comfortable using a product that didn’t last.

Well guess what! Technology has caught up with the demand! Today we have what in the Paint industry is referred to low or no V.O.C. paints (“Green”) that perform! In fact the brand I primarily use has there paints with a lifetime guarantee! This is very exciting! Here’s some of what I’ve learned.

What are V.O.C.’s?

V.O.C. stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. They are found everywhere including nature. V.O.C.’s are organic chemical compounds that are found in nature, mainly in plants. If they are natural, you may ask what’s the problem? We are exposed daily to man-made V.O.C.’s that become concentrated indoors. This causes poor indoor air quality. And can irritate our eyes, throats, etc. I’ve had people tell they have experienced breathing problems when they are around products that emit V.O.C.’s.

My next post will discuss how we’re exposed to these harmful V.O.C.’s.

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