Painting Your Tucson Home – More Cost Saving Tips

Staging is costly, do it once

Homeowners will sometimes ask us to paint a room or part of the house. Then they have us back a month or so later to paint some more and so on until the house is painted. Some of the cost of painting your Tucson home is staging. So of course the most cost effective way to paint your home is to have it all painted at the same time. This will minimize the staging costs. We understand people are working with budgets and we are happy to work with whatever your budget allows. This is just a cost saving suggestion.

Volume Discount (Get the Neighbors involved)

What some homeowners do is negotiate to have both the interior and exterior of their Tucson home painted at the same time this is also a good way to get your painting contractor to negotiate a lower rate. I recently had some homeowners get together with their neighbors and negotiate to have 4 houses on their street painted at the same time. A volume discount if you will, this works great for all involved. I was able to run it like a bigger job and it cut down on staging costs and gas costs, and I was able to pass these savings on to the homeowners.

Do some of the Prep Work Yourself

When we bid to paint the interior of a Tucson home we include things such as moving furniture, removing pictures, blinds and decorations from walls and putting everything back. If you’re able you can take on these responsibilities and completely set things up so that the painters can focus on the painting. This can help you see a cost savings. I hope these suggestions you save on some of the cost of painting your Tucson home without sacrificing the quality of the paint job.

If you’re interested in seeing how you might be able to see some of these savings please contact us at 881-0542 for a free consultation.

Tips to Minimize Tucson Painting Costs

Money Saving

Timing is important

Exterior Prep Work
Winter’s are Warm in Tucson

You can take advantage of lower contractor rates if you schedule painting the interior or exterior of your Tucson home during “off seasons”.

Most people think winter is great time to paint the interior of your home. People like to freshen up their houses up for the Holidays especially if they are expecting company. Some people use this as an Idea for a holiday gift.

Exterior Painting In Tucson in Winter

Because of this thinking exterior painting slows down in the winter months. Take advantage of this by having the exterior of your Tucson home painted in the off season the weather here is so mild that it seldom poses an obstacle. We use paint that performs in temperatures as low as 35 degrees!

Other times of the year a Tucson painting contractor would lower their rates or offer promotions are hotter time of the summer, usually August, and periods around major holidays. If you are able to be flexible and plan your projects in advance, you can often make a great deal, just ask. My next post will have other suggestions that have lowered painting costs for Tucson homeowners.

Compare Tucson Painting Bids

In my previous post I talked about the need to choose wisely when hiring a contractor to paint your Tucson home. When you compare the bids from various contract consider if they do the following;

These are the step we regularly take when we are painting an exterior and why we take these steps:

Prepping to Paint

We pressure wash the exterior body, by doing so this removes the dust and cleans the surface allowing the paint to adhere properly and prevent the paint from peeling and lifting.

As part of the process of protecting you Tucson home from the elements we caulk doors and windows.

We professionally mask your home prior to painting. We protect your landscaping and property i.e. patio furniture gates that aren’t getting painted. We cover patio floors to protect from over spray or spilled paint. We pull the gravel away from the home to paint below grade and rake the gravel back when we’re done.

If the scope of work calls for stucco repairs we use Elastek’s Duratex. I use this product because it is an Elastomeric versatile, ready-to-use stucco patch and repair product with the ability to bond strongly. Another thing I like about this product is they don’t use silica sand when they make their textured patching material. The stucco on your Tucson home in most cases is mixed with river sand not silica sand. This helps the texture to blend with the stucco better, and you don’t have all those lines on your house that you see when the wrong product or technique is used to fill stucco cracks. This product is also vapor permeable which means it breathes with the wall which is very important.

Before we apply to the paint coat we prime bare surfaces with a 100% acrylic primer. So the paint coats stay on top of the surface they are applied to instead of being absorbed by the bare surface. This is especially important with wood surfaces because they take sure a beating in this harsh Tucson climate.

When we are painting a stucco surface we use a process called back rolling. What this means is we spray a heavy coat of paint on and follow behind with a roller allowing the nap of the roller paint all the angles of the stucco. Remember the primary reason for painting is to weather proof your home. Back rolling achieves this objective. After this is done we spray the 2nd coat on. This process is very important because as I stated in my previous post we use products with manufacturer’s warranties. In order for the warranty to be honored you have achieve a certain film thickness of paint and this is the best way to do that.

Most paint applications do not require we add water to the paint. We are not chemists we assume the manufacturer know best how they want their product applied.

When we’re done we clean up the work site sweeping sidewalks and raking up where needed. Because when we pressured washed the windows probably got water stains on them we will even clean your windows!

There’s More to a Bid Than Price

I’m sure you can understand when I say the low bidder is often times the more expensive one. Because he won’t be able to afford to use the premium quality products or follow the steps I have outlined. The real true value is often found in the higher bid. My Dad told me a long time ago, “people will remember a lot longer whether or not you did a good job for them then what they paid for it”. Assuming of course it was reasonable. I’d rather be known for being a good painter.

I understand we all want value when making a purchase. I’m a consumer also. My next post will offer suggestions of things you can do save money when you have your Tucson home painted that won’t affect the quality of the job.