Tucson Green Painting

Thinking about going “Green” when it comes to painting?

Recently I decided to change my diet and began eating mostly organic food, so I went shopping! What I found was very encouraging and exciting! I’m not limited on what I can have, I found finding Organic food was very easy. It has become more common than it was a few years ago.

Tucson has beautiful clean stores full of this delicious healthy food! This opened up a whole new world for me! Not only do I feel much better physically. I’m proud to be doing my part for the planet and the environment! This trend to live an Organic or “Green” lifestyle is on the rise. We have everything from Hybrid cars, solar energy, “Green” household cleaning products and beauty cosmetics. And, yes we have “Green” paint! This is what I want to discuss in this and my next few posts.

Time to Re-think “Green” Paint?

As I began to learn and appreciate all the benefits of eating Organic foods, naturally I started to think about “Green Paints”. When the industry first introduced “Green” Paints they were very expensive and really didn’t perform well, so I wasn’t very impressed and didn’t feel comfortable using a product that didn’t last.

Well guess what! Technology has caught up with the demand! Today we have what in the Paint industry is referred to low or no V.O.C. paints (“Green”) that perform! In fact the brand I primarily use has there paints with a lifetime guarantee! This is very exciting! Here’s some of what I’ve learned.

What are V.O.C.’s?

V.O.C. stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. They are found everywhere including nature. V.O.C.’s are organic chemical compounds that are found in nature, mainly in plants. If they are natural, you may ask what’s the problem? We are exposed daily to man-made V.O.C.’s that become concentrated indoors. This causes poor indoor air quality. And can irritate our eyes, throats, etc. I’ve had people tell they have experienced breathing problems when they are around products that emit V.O.C.’s.

My next post will discuss how we’re exposed to these harmful V.O.C.’s.

Choosing a Tucson Painter Part 2

In my previous post I shared some suggestions of things to consider when hiring a Tucson paint contractor.  After thinking about what I wrote I realized there is so much more to say.

So here’s Part 2!

Know What You Want

Educating yourself about the process is a valuable way to start (like reading this and the previous article), before you start calling contractors make sure you know what you want.  Do you know what colors you want?  If you’re painting a lighter color over a darker color will that take more paint?  What sheen do you want? Gloss, semi gloss satin eggshell or flat?  Would you prefer eco-friendly paints?

If it’s the exterior you’re painting,

  1. Will the weather be a factor?
  2. If you’re part of a Home Owners Association are there colors you are limited to?
  3. Have you seen colors in a magazine you like?  Save it, so you can show it to your contractor.

Understand the Process

Like so many things we know the process is important.  We have an itemized check list of the steps we take during the scope of work to ensure nothing is missed.  We give a copy of the check list to the homeowner so they are confident we will take the steps necessary to complete a great paint job! Here’s what we do for Exterior paint jobs:

  • Pressure Wash
  • Fill Cracks
  • Caulk Doors and Windows
  • Scrape loose or Peeling paint
  • Prime bare Surfaces
  • Property Protection
  • Protect Landscaping
  • Pull Gravel away from House
  • Back Roll Stucco Surfaces
  • Wash Windows

And Interior

  • Sand and Prime Surfaces where needed
  • Caulk and fill holes as needed
  • Remove outlet Covers
  • Remove Register/Vent covers
  • Move furniture from work area when possible
  • Cover/ Protect furniture and Property
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Clean floors

Here are a few ideas of things to consider when hiring a Tucson painter for your home.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us at 520-881-0542 or fill out our Get An Estimate Today.

Choosing a Tucson Painter

Beautify and Protect Your Tucson Home

A paint job should not only beautify your home, it should also play a part in weather proofing your home. A good quality paint job will protect the surface from everyday wear and tear and the elements. Painting your house is an important part of your maintenance program, finding a good painting contractor to do the job is very important.

A great paint job using top quality materials will give you maximum performance and protection from the elements, giving you a long lasting paint job. On the other hand, poor workmanship and inexpensive materials will have you repainting in 4 years or less especially in this harsh climate! Investing a few more dollars up front can save you the hassle of repeatedly painting, and paying increasing costs as time goes by and costs increase.

Get a Full Description of the Paints that Will be Used

We use only high-quality materials. The exterior paint we use comes with a 15 written Manufacturer Warranty at a minimum. This Premium exterior paint is 100% Acrylic, the better quality Acrylic paints have better color retention, thus minimizing fading.

If we’re paint the interior of your home we also use high quality paints appropriate for the application. Paints known as “eco-friendly” are becoming increasingly popular. These paints contain low or no volatile organic compounds commonly referred to as V.O.C. V.O.C.’s have been linked to healthy issues. We are often asked if the paints are pet friendly or if you can sleep in freshly painted room. When we planning on using these low or zero V.O.C. paints the answer is always yes!

Ask to See Prior work, ask for References

It’s important to remember Painting is a service industry. We live on referrals. You’ll want to ask to see past jobs. It’s a good idea to ask to see jobs that may be a few years old. All paint jobs look good when they are fresh. The quality shows over time. It’s also recommended that you talk to some past clients to see how the contractor operated on a personal basis. Please visit our Testimonials from real clients, and see some pictures of our work!

A new accent wall?

This surface makes up about 20 percent of the total paintable surface in a room. Yet we all (well most of us) seem to ignore it. We spend a great deal of time and effort collecting paint samples, looking for the perfect color for our room makeover. Typically not considering a color other than white for this surface. Have you figured out what I’m talking about? You  got it the ceiling!

A Growing Trend

In recent years I’ve noticed a growing trend to paint ceilings accent colors. We recently completed a project where we painted the ceiling in a home different accent colors. The color contrast between the walls and ceilings really gave the room a dramatic effect!

Color on the ceilings is next bold step for homeowners.

If you have a larger room with high ceilings. Consider painting the ceiling a darker color, it can really complement a lighter colored wall giving the room a cozy feeling. Or, if you have a smaller room with lower ceilings. You can paint the ceiling a lighter color (other than white). Giving the same attention to the walls and the ceilings, this creates a nice effect in the room.

Look Up!

Contemplate the possibilities! There is now a fifth surface in your room crying out for attention! Create illusions and accent all available surfaces with a color contrast to complete your room makeover. Ceilings are the new accent wall!