Choosing a Tucson Painter

Beautify and Protect Your Tucson Home

A paint job should not only beautify your home, it should also play a part in weather proofing your home. A good quality paint job will protect the surface from everyday wear and tear and the elements. Painting your house is an important part of your maintenance program, finding a good painting contractor to do the job is very important.

A great paint job using top quality materials will give you maximum performance and protection from the elements, giving you a long lasting paint job. On the other hand, poor workmanship and inexpensive materials will have you repainting in 4 years or less especially in this harsh climate! Investing a few more dollars up front can save you the hassle of repeatedly painting, and paying increasing costs as time goes by and costs increase.

Get a Full Description of the Paints that Will be Used

We use only high-quality materials. The exterior paint we use comes with a 15 written Manufacturer Warranty at a minimum. This Premium exterior paint is 100% Acrylic, the better quality Acrylic paints have better color retention, thus minimizing fading.

If we’re paint the interior of your home we also use high quality paints appropriate for the application. Paints known as “eco-friendly” are becoming increasingly popular. These paints contain low or no volatile organic compounds commonly referred to as V.O.C. V.O.C.’s have been linked to healthy issues. We are often asked if the paints are pet friendly or if you can sleep in freshly painted room. When we planning on using these low or zero V.O.C. paints the answer is always yes!

Ask to See Prior work, ask for References

It’s important to remember Painting is a service industry. We live on referrals. You’ll want to ask to see past jobs. It’s a good idea to ask to see jobs that may be a few years old. All paint jobs look good when they are fresh. The quality shows over time. It’s also recommended that you talk to some past clients to see how the contractor operated on a personal basis. Please visit our Testimonials from real clients, and see some pictures of our work!