Painting Contract Bids – which one will you choose?

Which To Choose

Choose Wisely

“I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”

This saying holds true with so many things in life, and is even truer today! This is so true when it comes to painting your Tucson Home.

The main reason we paint our homes is to weather proof and protect our homes from the harsh Tucson weather. Premium quality paints will protect our homes from the elements; the decorative value is just a bonus. If you fall for the trick of buying cheap paint thinking you’re saving money, nothing could be further from the truth. You’re wasting your money, the cheap paint will not do what you bought it to do.

Think about this when hiring a Tucson Painting Contractor. Low bidders cut corners on surface preparation by either completely skipping steps in the preparation process or using inferior products. If your Tucson home is not prepared properly the paint will not weather well. Within a few years, the inferior paint job will become obvious, an experienced eye can detect an inferior paint job even sooner. Then you will have to hire another Painting Contractor, hopefully a reputable one this time, who will do the job right the first time. Then you will be pay the increased material and labor cost of the future.

Some additional food for thought when the low bidders paint job begins to breakdown and fail will he be around to honor the warranty. A low bidder may not even make enough profit in the job to afford to stay in business. If he is still in business he may not be able to afford it. Something else to think about, the registrar of Contractors only requires we guarantee our work for 2 years, that’s it 2 years. It’s very easy to get a paint job to last that long after the two years the low bidder is no responsible for his work.

These are some of the unforeseen issues that can arise when the low bidder is hired. Often times a closer look will reveal the real value and peace of mind will be found in the higher bidder. This is why when we paint an exterior we use a premium acrylic paint that has a 15 manufacturer warranty at a minimum. A warranty from a solid company, one of the nation’s largest paint manufacturer’s! This is real peace of mind and true value! In my next post I will outline the steps we take when we paint and why they add to the value and life of the job.

Tucson can now breath easier!


Do you enjoy decorating with paint but the fumes bother you?   Painting Tucson homes can now be less stressful to your health and to the environment! Read on to find out about greener safer alternatives….

You’re most likely aware, if you live in a city, the air inside your home can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor pollution. Although there is not one single source for the contamination, the paint you chose can contribute significantly to the problem.

Many conventionally produced paints contain solvents, toxic metals and volatile organic compounds or VOC’s that contribute to smog, ozone depletion and poor indoor air quality.

You can smell these unhealthy fumes in a freshly painted room, but what you can’t smell are the off-gases from all painted surfaces that can be released into the air your breathing for years! Young children, elderly, those with respiratory problems or chemically sensitive people are susceptible to these gases.

The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice indoor air quality and health! Today’s “green”  paint alternatives offer the same convenience, aesthetics and durability of the unhealthy conventional paints!

Martinez Custom Painting is Tucson’s  “green” painting choice.  For more information or a free quote please call us at 520-8810542.

Eco-Friendly Painting

How are we exposed to V.O.C.’s?

Many product we have in our homes release or “off gas” V.O.C.’s. Here are a few examples of V.O.C. sources in our Tucson homes.

  • Conventional Paints
  • Many Cleaning Household Products
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Adhesives
  • Varnishes
  • Composite wood Products
  • Upholstered Fabrics

Solvents in ink, adhesives and paints of gas V.O.C’s. Gasoline is 100% V.O.C. V.O.C.’s are a major contributor to the depletion of the Ozone layer. V.O.C.’s contribute to poor air quality in our Tucson homes.

Painting History

Since Mans beginning we have decorated our homes. From a drawing on a cave wall, or the ancient pyramids throughout history we have expressed ourselves. We want to make our surroundings more personal. The danger is that paints have always contained poisons and toxins that not only pollute the environment. They also have very harmful effects on the air quality in our Tucson homes.

Good News

In recent years the E.P.A. has put into practice controls on the toxins and V.O.C.’s in paint. The attention this scary situation has made has been good. Many paint manufacturers now produce eco-friendly paints! As I mentioned in a previous article, technology has caught up the demand. These paints known as low or zero V.O.C. paints now perform very well. In fact they often times cover better than conventional paints. And now come with manufacturer warranties comparable or better to conventional paints.

Eco-Friendly Painting

Today we still like to express ourselves, by making our surroundings more personal. When we want to Paint and decorate our Tucson homes or business’s we have “Green” options! No more concerns about harmful paint fumes. “Green” paint has really evolved, how exciting!