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Tucson can now breath easier!

Do you enjoy decorating with paint but the fumes bother you?   Painting Tucson homes can now be less stressful to your health and to the environment! Read on to find out about greener safer alternatives….You’re most likely aware, if you live … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Painting

How are we exposed to V.O.C.’s? Many product we have in our homes release or “off gas” V.O.C.’s. Here are a few examples of V.O.C. sources in our Tucson homes.Conventional Paints Many Cleaning Household Products Vinyl Carpet … [Read more...]

Tucson Green Painting

Thinking about going “Green” when it comes to painting?Recently I decided to change my diet and began eating mostly organic food, so I went shopping! What I found was very encouraging and exciting! I’m not limited on what I can have, I found … [Read more...]