A new accent wall?

This surface makes up about 20 percent of the total paintable surface in a room. Yet we all (well most of us) seem to ignore it. We spend a great deal of time and effort collecting paint samples, looking for the perfect color for our room makeover. Typically not considering a color other than white for this surface. Have you figured out what I’m talking about? You  got it the ceiling!

A Growing Trend

In recent years I’ve noticed a growing trend to paint ceilings accent colors. We recently completed a project where we painted the ceiling in a home different accent colors. The color contrast between the walls and ceilings really gave the room a dramatic effect!

Color on the ceilings is next bold step for homeowners.

If you have a larger room with high ceilings. Consider painting the ceiling a darker color, it can really complement a lighter colored wall giving the room a cozy feeling. Or, if you have a smaller room with lower ceilings. You can paint the ceiling a lighter color (other than white). Giving the same attention to the walls and the ceilings, this creates a nice effect in the room.

Look Up!

Contemplate the possibilities! There is now a fifth surface in your room crying out for attention! Create illusions and accent all available surfaces with a color contrast to complete your room makeover. Ceilings are the new accent wall!